Webcode Technology

Webcode technology has been designed specifically as a mechanism to generate online sales from innovative use of retail and leisure space, and allow a full audit trail to identify the location from which the sale or enquiry was generated. Our customer relationship techniques and tools can then be used to underpin an exceptional user experience, or simply interface with existing systems within your business.

Benefit of webcode technology:
– Visibility of products in high footfall retail and leisure areas.
– Ability to request and receive delivery of personalised digital product information.
– Ability to enquire or transact via website.
– Ability to enquire or transact via mobile phone.
– Functionality that allows revenues to be generated and distributed directly to the business point of pick up. Interaction with existing loyalty schemes.
– Implementation of dynamic customer service applications to secure additional on going sales.
– Cross promotional activities for retailers.
– Exceptional customer experience.
– Cost effective distribution channel.

For further information or about the technology used and to find out how it could benefit your business please contact tony@longgrass.co.uk.