Travel Technology

In my opinion the travel distribution model that has prevailed in the first decade of this century, is not one that can deliver growth and customer satisfaction in the second decade. The new model will require a complete revision of every single component, and will be based upon a different relationship with both customers and suppliers. It will be a model that delivers an exceptional online customer experience, combined with a service delivery that simply does not currently exist within the online travel agent sector. Importantly, it will cater for the market as is it is today and not how it has been in the past and will effectively deliver the widest product availability and expertise across both mainstream and specialist markets.

A key challenge is that the technologies required to deliver this proposition, are a quantum leap away from current core travel technologies. However, the rewards for the business that can develop and deliver this new ‘second decade’ model, will be significant. The team I’m working with have a deep desire deliver that ‘second decade model. That is our passion, that is our focus and that is our shared vision. Watch this space…..this is our vision!