Travel Fulfilment

A flexible solution to provide call answering, management of online enquiries, social network monitoring, booking, administration and exceptional customer service !

Having brought together an excellent team of advisers and managers, we are pleased to be able to offer fulfilment and customer service solutions specifically designed for the travel sector.

All of our advisers have extensive experience within travel and have skill levels that can be applied to both mainstream and specialist sectors. Similarly, our operational management team have developed expertise over many years, that ensures we provide an effective and customer driven booking and support network for our clients.

The utilisation of online services and cloud based call systems, ensures we can provide immediate and flexible solutions for our customers, allowing them to scale up and scale down in line with business requirements. Our services are available between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week. Full call recording, source code allocation, and full daily reporting is included in all packages.

A key differentiator of our service solutions is our absolute commitment to the delivery and measurement of exceptional customer service. Whilst others may talk about, we genuinely believe it is a fundamental requirement to ensure our clients can attract and retain customers, especially  within the current difficult economic environment.

To reinforce this we apply Net Promoter Scoring within our business and also offer that as a direct service to our clients. When applied in the correct way, this provides a genuine measurement of customer service and will effectively underpin a CRM, retention and loyalty strategy. We provide four specific packages, each of which can be refined to meet the direct needs of the client :-

• Standard :
• Call answering
• Enquiry managementA call answering service that becomes an extension of your operation to capture customer enquiries and quote prices. Details of the enquiry are then immediately forwarded to an agreed point of contact via mail or other online method.

• Standard Plus :
• Call answering
• Enquiry management
• Booking serviceAs per the standard service above but with completion of booking process via the client or third party systems. If the bookings are not automatically shown within the client environment, a confirmation email or other online method to advise booking details can be applied. Also includes email and online enquiries and monitoring of social networks.

• Premium :
• Call answering
• Enquiry management
• Booking service
• Administration.As per the standard plus service with the addition of administrative management of booking process. This would include managing any customer enquiries, ensuring file actions are noted and applied, confirmation of ticket distribution etc.

• Premium plus :
• Call answering
• Enquiry management
• Booking service
• Administration
• NPS customer service measurementAs per the Premium package above, but with the addition of a Travel PA service, which will provide the customer with a personal after sales service, a single point of contact and detailed analysis and measurement of the client’s customer service using Net Promoter Score.


All packages include a level of bespoke scripting to ensure consistency with the clients business and correct procedures in respect of enquiries and bookings. Additionally, voice recording and daily reporting of key information and ratios will be provided by your Account and Operations Manager.

The Benefits
By creating an active partnership with our clients we are aiming to improve the sales, overall efficiency, conversion ratio and customer satisfaction of the client business, with the provision of the following :-

• Tailored packages :
Taking one of the above packages and moulding it to fit your business requirements, ensures our clients have a service that is relevant to their needs.
• Flexibility :
Flexible contracts allow you to scale up and scale down the number of advisers used as per needs of the business.
• Extended hours :
With coverage from 8am until 10pm we can ensure we cover both main office hours and out of hours enquiries.
• Customer service :
Our absolute commitment to measure our own internal service provision and extend that to our clients, will result in satisfied customers and increased loyalty.
• Passion :
Everyone in our team is passionate about what we do and how we do it. We see ourselves as an extension of the clients team and have a real responsibility in representing our clients business and brand.


Whether your require simple cover for a campaign, a flexible extension of your team to cope with extended hours and peaks, or a complete outsource of your fulfilment and customer service, we believe we can provide a solution.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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