Tony Evans

Well I’ve been around a while and, when it comes to business, I have definitely seen lots of good and not so good.  I have a few passions which include customer service, innovation, technology and retail and love projects and challenges that combine all or some of these activities. I love working with good people who are passionate and skilled in their various sectors and am lucky enough to work with team of exceptional individuals who are genuine friends as well as colleagues.


I live with Laura in a great town on the south coast and enjoy activities such as sailing, kayaking and cycling…..I used to really enjoy playing football before my knee ligaments decided that they didn’t ! I have four children which was recently expanded to that number  with the adoption of two little girls who are aged five and eight. I can’t begin to describe the feeling created by providing a loving environment and opportunity for two children,  who may otherwise have been overlooked by society…..but it’s good!


From a business perspective, I have worked in the travel industry for 20 years and undertaken strategic consulting for many of those years. The one thing I do pride myself on is rolling up my sleeves and getting directly involved in the implementation of strategy, be that retail design, web development, brand positioning or differentiation of customer service. I’m not a fan of those executives or consultants who ‘write the paper and walk away’, and then tend to blame the implementation when something fails to work.


We have experience within the team across the board and welcome working directly with the people who are affected by change. I’m a big fan of great customer service! One of the things I hate most in business, is the hypocrisy of executives or businesses, that make various claims about their ‘commitment to customer service’, when it’s quite clear that they don’t care about it, don’t genuinely measure it and definitely don’t understand it!

I don’t read a great deal of business related books, but I am a massive fan of Stephen Covey and additionally my favourite customer service book is The Ultimate Question by Prof Fred Reichheld.


The potential benefits of combining the strategies outlined by these authors, in terms of customer loyalty, team morale, business performance and profitability are huge. Businesses that absolutely believe in and are genuinely adopting these strategies are, in my opinion, creating the basis of how all business will need to operate in the future. Ignore them and and your customers will eventually ignore you.


Anyway, enough about me. Thanks for reading and have a good day!