It’s all about results!

Good search engine optimisation is the cornerstone of any successful online business, understanding search and user behaviour is key to our outstanding track record.

John Battelle, in his book ‘the search’, describes search as a database of users intentions. Understanding those intentions and using that data to shape your business and not only deliver great search positions, but outstanding rates of conversion, repeat visitor and user interaction. Getting your brand associated with poor quality spam blogs (splogs) can cause immeasurable damage to your site and thats why it’s crucial that your online marketing totally understand who you are, what you do and what type of customers you have and are looking to attract, only then can you truly build the authority required to have a major impact in the online space.

The basis for any good search marketer is always delivering good search visibility for clients and Longgrass has a proven track record of success, with sites created by Longgrass engineers being voted in the top 10 by independent search company Greenlight. Longgrass has achieved top ten rankings in a wide spectrum of industries and across a breadth of keywords, with ten years of experience of online marketing. For paid search Longgrass has Google adwords professional qualified technicians to provide a co-ordinated paid and organic strategy in order to deliver a combined strategy and maximise both results and return on investment.

We’ve delivered outstanding results for both high street brands and small businesses by adapting to tehir needs:

– A 140% increase in revenue for Lloyds Pharmacy in 2 years
– A 1400% increase in organic traffic for Co-op Travel in 4 years
– A 82% increase in organic year on year traffic for Fast Track Ski
– Many small businesses on to the first page of Google

Whatever size of business we can offer sensible advice and consultancy that makes sense to you and your business, talking you through what needs to be done and how we can work together to achieve our goals. Some clients want us to work alongside their in-house team and some just care about the results; whichever solution suits your business and your needs, we’ve got the flexibility to create a strategy that will work for you. For more information drop me a mail at or use the form below.