PPC Management

All the way to the top!

Whether its a multi-million pound advertising budget or your first tentative steps in advertising online, let us guide you through the pitfalls and set you on the right course to maximising your ROI and ROAS. Our Google Adwords certified experts make sure your campaigns are set up and optimised to meet your specific needs; encompassing product feeds, Local search, GDN and any other requirements you have.

Attention to detail is key to success within PPC; identifying profitable keywords and finding their sweet-spot that combines the right level of revenue as well as a ROI and CPA that’s right for your business provides a platform for outstanding performance. Longgrass has a diverse set of skills and experience of using in-house and bespoke tools to deliver outstanding results, our customers find that in their first year they are delivering higher revenues for less cost, lower CPCs and increased ROI.

Just a few of the areas of expertise we provide our clients with:

– Mobile PPC Strategy
– Product Listing Ads (PLA)
– Display Advertising (GDN)
– Youtube Channel & Advertising
– Bid Management Tools
– Product Feeds & Google Shopping
– Brand Protection
– Return On Ad Spend Analysis (ROAS)
– Attribution Modelling

PPC is so much more than just bidding high and hoping for the best, every strategy needs a bespoke solution that’s right for that clients set of circumstances. Building up quality score and authority within your campaigns takes the right skills, expertise and experience so why leave it to chance?
Our clients include the biggest in the business and we’ve a proven track record of reducing costs, maximising ROAS and building sustainable long-term revenue.

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