Peter Wright

Hey, I’m Pete and the design arm of Long Grass. I have a passion for clever ideas and originality whether it be in design or in everyday life. Design fulfills my desire to think conceptually and be creative. I strive to push the boundaries of design wherever possible, creating an exciting variety within my work.

I studied graphic design at university and quickly moved into full time employment with The Co-operative working as a new media designer. I lasted 2 years before I needed to break free from the constraints of working for one company and having made the step to working independently, I haven’t looked back. I’ve worked with some great people creating a wide and diverse base of happy clients, which is constantly growing.

Away from design my other passion is the great out doors. I’m big into my outdoor sports (cycling, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, football… to name but a few) so whenever I’m knee deep in the thick one of those I’m in my element.

My other love in life is music as I can’t get through the day without it. I wouldn’t say I have a specific genre as I love anything interesting and well put together. I went to see Bjork’s Biophilia project at the Manchester International Festival recently, which was amazing… that girl is talented! The project was a multimedia collection encompassing music, apps, internet, installations, and live shows and following on from that she has now released the world first app album which evolves over time. The show was really interesting, very creative and super inspiring.

I also love to travel and visited some amazing places this year. My sister lives in Tokyo so I spent 2 months there at the start of the year. It’s such a cool city with so much going on. I got a massive buzz form being there and it has definitely made a stamp on my design work.

My girlfriend is currently in Ukraine so I spend quite a lot of time there at the minute, which is also cool. Maybe not quite as cool as Japan but Kiev does have some really interesting places, not to mention the cultural differences, which keep me on my toes. Picture above is the launch of the new national stadium which will host the Euro 2012 final! I’m currently trying my hand at learning Russian so I get lots of practice – очень трудно!

Right, you know a little more about me so I best crack on and do some work!

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