The Value and Dangers of Good & Bad SEO

One thing you constantly get a sense of when discussing SEO services and costs with clients and potential clients is the confusion surrounding quality and costs and the level of understanding that surrounds what we do and its value. There are many different ways to hire an SEO specialist to work with and I’m going to write a separate post… Read more →

Is Your Customer Service Up To Embracing Social Media?

Every company has a “social media strategy” these days, everybody wants to embrace Facebook and Twitter and give themselves a voice in this exciting new virtual world where communities and relationships are built merely by peoples likes of certain people or even certain things. The Open Graph protocol’s that power Facebook and the ‘open, open graph protocol’ released by Google… Read more →

Link Building and Google

I was describing the other day to a perspective client the ins and outs of a link building strategy and how it should fit into your overall plan in terms of improving the search visibility of your website. Google has for many years been very clear on the idea that selling links is a bad thing to do and those… Read more →

Power Corrupts?

Does Google still hold the principle of not doing evil dear? those of us who have wanted for some time to believe that as Google grows more and more powerful it will use its power over modern media for good, rather than evil. Two things have happened recently that made my inclination shift and made me start to doubt more… Read more →


I had a strange conversation a few weeks ago with a friend. He had attended an online marketing conference and one of the speakers, who was the head of a huge online travel business, took to the stage and began to address the collective audience on the strategy the business had used in the previous year. We’ve all been there;… Read more →

To bid or not to bid

One of the things people often ask us about is whether its a good idea to bid on your brand in adwords or similar ppc platforms. The short answer is that the ideal situation is to build up a brand to the point where a position of dominance exists. The longer answer calls for some careful strategising. Here are our… Read more →

Watch this space…

In my opinion the travel distribution model that has prevailed in the first decade of this century, is not one that can deliver growth and customer satisfaction in the second decade. The new model will require a complete revision of every single component, and will be based upon a different relationship with both customers and suppliers. It will be a… Read more →

Google webspam issues

I’m taking the family to London for a few days over the weekend and as my eldest of football mad I was going to take him on the tour of Wembley. Being the thrifty kind of guy I am I decided to have a crafty search for some discount vouchers to save me a few quid on the entrance fee.… Read more →