Modern SEO and the ‘Advocacy Pyramid’

When in discussion with folks regarding the current SEO landscape and many people’s confusion about what direction to head in and fear of incurring penalties I often refer to what I call the ‘Advocacy Pyramid’, I thought I’d take a moment to try and explain what I mean by that on here. The cornerstone of good rankings for any site is authority, but where does that authority come from? and how do we begin to build it? authority is fed into your site via a huge network of external sources out there online, I categorise these in 3 simple way:

  1. Co-ordination
  2. Activist
  3. Community

I’ll be writing more about what each individual role means in the coming days but the way this works is to have a large pool of community all passionately advocating your business in different ways, this then feeds authority into your site and gives search engines (and consequently users) trust in your business and what you do. Obviously it helps things along if you are truly outstanding within your industry and can hang your hat on at least certain parts of what you do being truly worthy of users becoming passionate about and advocating them as a consequence of this ‘buy in’.

From the very top level the advocacy pyramid can be set out as follows:



I’ll be adding more posts in the coming days to go into more detail about what each of these specific layers contributes and how their contribution delivers authority and trust, subscribe to our twitter feed for updates.

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