Google webspam issues

I’m taking the family to London for a few days over the weekend and as my eldest of football mad I was going to take him on the tour of Wembley. Being the thrifty kind of guy I am I decided to have a crafty search for some discount vouchers to save me a few quid on the entrance fee.

Searching Google for “Wmbley tour discount vouchers” I saw the first two search results were from “” and contained the title “wembley tour printable voucers”, perfect I thought:

So having clicked on the top link I was really annoyed when presented with a page telling me that my search matched no results:

We’ve all been here and it’s so annoying in itself, but what continues to stun me is that Google continue to rank this kind of thing top. In a year Google are making noises about cracking down on web spam, and with all the technological and intellectual resources Google has at its disposal, I find it alarming that they struggle to rid the main search results of stuff like this that is so obviously pointless for the user. Anybody would think they wanted the paid results to be more tempting?

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