Google Penalty Advice

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If you’ve suddenly seen your Google rankings slide or even disappear you may be worried about being penalised by Google. Maybe you’ve had a message via Google’s webmaster tools informing you that you are being punished for using techniques outside of Google’s webmaster guidelines. If this is the case then don’t panic, we can help.

For many years the fuel that powered web rankings was (and in a way still is) links, online marketing companies would guarantee you thousands of links for a certain price and it seemed like a great idea to sign up and watch the rankings shoot up. For about five years this worked fine (unfortunately) and many website owners either took riskier and riskier methods to unnaturally inflate their links and rankings; or even worse pay an agency to ‘build links’ on their behalf. Over time this became a problem for Google as website owners were manipulating their search results by getting websites to rank that didn’t actually deserve to. Google released several updates to their search algorithm to combat website owners who’s sites had unnatural links and over the past couple of years we’ve seen businesses large and small suffer a ‘Google penalty’. This is where Google punishes you either via its algorithm or more significantly manually to lower your rankings, make your site disappear for certain keywords or at worst disappear from Google entirely.

Typically if you’ve suffered with such a penalty you’ll get a message telling you what you’ve done wrong via Google’s webmaster tools, using this message as a starting point we can engineeer a cleaning up process that can repair the damage and get your site back on track. Via our cleansing and resubmission process you will get your site:

– Assessed for potential penalties and advised of level of damage and cleansing plan

– Fully documented cleansing process

– Website health check ensuring site becomes fully compliant with Google webmaster guidelines

– Fully documented and transparent resubmission process

We’ll work with you so you can understand what went wrong, why and you” then be empowered to make sure your site remains compliant and healthy into the future. All of our work is carried out by skilled and qualified search marketing experts and comes provided with one on one reporting and easy to understand documentation.

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