Author: Craig

The role of PPC management for Google Ads 2020

PPC management has been around for years, back in the day the role of a PPC manager was to take care of all the technical elements that were too complex or time consuming for a business owner or a head of department to take care of themselves. Over the last 2-3 years Google have moved more and more towards “smart”… Read more →

What Constitutes a Paid Link

Matt Cutts of Google posted a video last week outlining some of the factors that are taken into consideration by his webspam team when deciding if a link is to be considered a poor quality paid for link. To give you some background if you’re not familiar with this, Google’s guidelines forbid selling links and the resulting purchase of links… Read more →

What Is Google Penguin?

I’m going to write a few articles about the history and background a a few of Google’s more serious updates, starting with Google penguin. These are designed to give website owners an idea of Google’s philosophy and strategy as well as a broader understanding of the tactics and techniques Google employs when considering the value of your content. Penguin in… Read more →

Keyword Compression for PPC Campaigns

If you have well organised PPC campaigns, each ad group should contain an ideal set of keywords that focus on a central theme. Thereafter, my own personal choice is to have total control of each keyword with a comprehensive understanding of its ROAS (return on ad spend) and more fundamentally an overview of its ROI. Central to profitability of each… Read more →

Advocacy Pyramid – The Activist

So I wrote last week about the ‘advocacy pyramid‘ and how essentially I see successful digital marketing and SEO and being scrum based; today I want to elaborate slightly on the role of the ‘activist’. The reason digital marketing is done badly so frequently is that website owners really struggle to find that essential balance of building an exceptional user… Read more →

Modern SEO and the ‘Advocacy Pyramid’

When in discussion with folks regarding the current SEO landscape and many people’s confusion about what direction to head in and fear of incurring penalties I often refer to what I call the ‘Advocacy Pyramid’, I thought I’d take a moment to try and explain what I mean by that on here. The cornerstone of good rankings for any site… Read more →

Are Google losing their nerve in the war against webspam?

For some time now Google have been facing growing criticism for their cumbersome and scattergun approach to punishing website owners it perceives to have broken its webmaster guidelines in relation to their link profile. This was compounded by recent Google webmaster tools updates which have been reported to contain sample unnatural links citing sources as bizarre as the BBC and… Read more →